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On Fire

Hello and welcome to my blog for On Fire Female. I am excited to begin this journey and look forward to the relationships and shared wisdom that will develop from it. First let me introduce you to On Fire Female. She has a fire that burns in her heart that is uncontainable. It is fire comprised of the love, protection and power of God. Do you know this fire? I do and every day I make a choice to keep the fire burning or to allow it to diminish. I believe the same is true for you.

If you have experienced the joy of becoming and being a Woman of God, you know it is an exhilarating transformation. You also know there are times when you made good choices and also when you have made bad ones. God faithfully works everything out for our good. As I matured in my faith walk the continuous flow of God’s grace and mercy has done a miraculous work in me. Now, there is a confident presence that I can only describe as being On Fire.

On Fire for The Word of God.

There is no better source than The Word, to reveal to a woman who was lost in the world, what she really is hungry for. It was a meticulous process to redefine who I was and only The Word could accomplish it. Now, I thirst for it, to hear it, do what it says, to be it. What is the truth and where can I find it, in The Word. Some invitations had to be rejected, commitments had to change, situations rearranged to line up with The Word of God. I am convinced that when I stand firm with The Word of God, I come out victorious and On Fire.

On Fire to Destroy the Works of the Enemy. As a young Christian being tossed to and fro I often thought, “I signed up for this!” I will admit that I was so discouraged. Until I began to spit out The Word of God, like fire it destroyed everything the devil put in my path. Everything the devil throws at you can be destroyed and used to increase your fire. The devil is intensely waiting for the opportunity to extinguish the fire. Usually early in the morning the enemy is at the corner of my bed, casting clouds—the clouds of doubt, fear and rejection. I deliver him a blow torch of scripture and it is a done deal. I have destroyed his early morning attempt but I know more attempts are to come throughout the day. I am convinced that if I put on the full armor of God, take up my cross and follow Jesus, I will always come out victorious and On Fire.

On Fire for Prayer. Prayer is the most important element in the fire. It is in times of prayer that I feel the depth of love God has for me and that has set every part of me on fire for Him. It is the process of being consumed. I have benefited from insomniac prayer, after or before light, birds and traffic sounds have ceased or awakened. Instead of counting sheep, I recite the Lord’s Prayer, scripture or anything God lies on my heart. My prayer life became more than an action. It developed into a posture, a behavior, an attitude.

Communing with God through every moment of the day not only protects your fire, it projects it. People will feel your fire and desire to have it. In other words, they will want to know more about the God you serve. I am convinced that I have to pray, whenever and wherever because, with out prayer you have no fire, with prayer you will be on fire!

Catch the Fire!

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