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The Birth of On Fire Female by Tracy B. Reynolds

How The Fire Started

As a new Christian woman, I was experiencing the difficulties and stigmas placed on single women and I felt different, strange at times, even crazy, a little OFF. With a desire to live an authentic Christian life as a single woman writing became an outlet that I used to encouraging myself. I decided to use it as a tool to encourage, educated and share with woman in similar circumstances. In 2005 On Fire Female was created as a newsletter using the acronym, OFF.  During this time, I was also a seminary student and had to put the newsletter on hold.


Several years later, God had done a wondrous work in my life. At the birthing of OFF, there was a cry for understanding, through seminary studies, trails and maturing in faith, a new fire began to burn in my heart.


That fire led me closer to God with a thirst and hunger that could not be contained. God’s Word gave me power, freedom and the understanding that it is a privilege and a blessing to be single.  The bible says that our God is a consuming fire; God consumed me and destroyed the negativity and doubt about who and where I am in my life.  Thus, On Fire Female was reborn with a passion and understanding that all women can be an inspiration.


The newsletter has been transformed into a blog that focuses on maintaining a pure, holy and fun life acceptable to God.  As a place of encouragement and belief that as Christian women we can, Be Holy, Serve God and Be Happy.


Welcome to and I hope you join the fire!

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