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Join the Race!

One of the differences in being young and being old is that when you are older you can view many life situations from both sides. You were single, now you are married. you didn't have children and now you may have grandchildren, you may remember your first entry level job, now you run the business. Working on something and looking back after you have completed or achieved it can be a rewarding experience. We want to make progress in life and we can also help make progress towards a cure for breast cancer.

As I look at the little girls in the above picture, they represent the women who will benefit from what we do in this generation. When you think about breast cancer awareness and research, we cannot do enough. Technology has come so far that with early detection many women's lives are saved.

In September of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer. I benefited from early detection. I did not have a lump. I cannot express the enormous amount of gratitude I have for the research and dedicated work that made it possible for me to have a mammogram. Praise God!

This past weekend I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I was overwhelmed by this event for several reasons. It has been some years since I participated and the race has grown so much. The enthusiasm and fighting spirit of thousands of people was inspiring. Seeing the movement of pink hats, shirts, pom poms, wigs and tutus was encouraging. I was really in a Pink Valley. We are all heading in the same direction towards a cure for breast cancer.

What was most important to me is that I am now on the other side. As a cancer survivor, I walked in the survivor's parade, waving my flag, it was very emotional. Yet, sharing my story, listening to the stories of other women and those who have lost loved ones was the most overwhelming. It was a bittersweet day.

Cancer is a vicious and wicked disease. If you are not already, please find a way to contribute to cancer awareness, prevention and research. Join an organization, a committee, program, etc. Everyday is a day closer to a cure and we need your help. Join the race!

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